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Read about artist enhanced giclée prints and what makes each one unique.

To order an artist enhanced, signed print, there are two steps:

  1. First, please fill out the following form--this requires you to visit the Print Store and choose options there--don't worry, the form will tell you when to do this step.
  2. Second, pay securely via PayPal checkout. The amount to pay is the total from the Print Shop plus $60 for the enhancements and re-shipping to your location. You can calculate this on the page that will load after you submit this order form.

Artist Enhanced Giclée Print Order Form

Contact Information



Telephone: - -

Shipping Address

Number and Street:


State: Zipcode:

Next, visit the Print Store (opens in a new tab/window--you'll need it open alongside this order form) and fill out all the options on that page for the print you would like, including what is in each tab (canvas, paper, frames, mats, etc.), but do not click "add to cart"; then fill out the following information based on what you've chosen:

From the Print Store:

Name of Work:

Size of Desired Print: width: inches x height: inches

Choose one: Canvas | Paper

Canvas Print

What type of canvas finish do you want?

What kind of canvas wrap do you want?

Note: all but "No Wrap" come ready to hang! I recommend the Gallery Wrap (Black Sides) for a ready-to hang piece of art that needs no frame.

Do you want a Frame?

If yes, select: Frame Color (choose one):

Enter Frame Style Code: (see where to find code)


Framed Print (on paper)

What type of paper:

Note: Somerset Velvet is recommended.

Do you want a Mat?

If yes, specify mat width (1" to 10" in 1/4" increments: inches.

Enter mat color: (see where to find color)

Do you want a Frame?

If yes, select: Frame Color (choose one):

Enter Frame Style Code: (see where to find code)

Total Price quoted in Print Shop: (why do I need this?)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember this Total Price number--you will need it on the next page.


By selecting "Yes" you are confirming that this message is not spam:
Yes Please make a selection.

What happens after I receive your form and payment through PayPal, is I go to the Print Shop and order the print to be delivered to my house. I make my enhancements, sign the print, and then ship it to you. I use the price you are given as a check to make sure I've chosen the same options you have.

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