Katherine Howard - Artist
painting • photography • sculpture • digital

Contests! One of the fun features of the FineArtAmerica website is the contests they run. 99% of these are just for fun—there are no prizes. Sometimes, I run one of the contests myself. The "prize" in my contests is having the winning pictures displayed for a month on this site.

Here are contests that I've run/am running:

Self Portraits With a Twist June 21 - July 3, 2012

"This contest is for self portraits with a twist. It could be a distortion such as a reflection in a curved surface, or it could be something wild out of your imagination... anything, really, that gives it a little something that makes it different from a straight-up self portrait. Paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, photography (altered is ok), digital media all welcome."

First Place Winning Image(s)m displayed on front page July 4 - August 4, 2012:

"Duplicated" by Denny Bond

"Psyche" by Elizabeth Hart