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Fine Art America - a site with thousands of artists; prints for sale.

Frank Wilson, Artist, Illusionist and "Painter of Dreams", a member of the International Guild Of Realism, invites you to see his vision of the world with his paintings, murals and illusions.

Darice Machel paints primarily landscapes in four different styles; Impressionistic-Realism; Impressionism done in the Impasto technique using a Palette Knife; a combination of Realism and Impression in an Image-Within-An-Image style; and Sand-Gesso Sculpture on Canvas.

The Charlie Osborn Gallery offers both landscape art prints and traditional prints from photographs of scenes in California and Hawaii. This includes Northern California, the Sierras, Mt. Lassen and it's environs, Maui and The Big Island of Hawaii. These unique image-in-an-image prints are available in signed, limited editions.

The Pencil Art of Floyd Gentry

Heather Coen

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